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Our Personal Taxation Service

Our Personal Taxation Service covers everything from reviewing personal tax affairs to the preparation, completion and submission of annual tax returns and repayment forms.

Designed for those unable to, or those who would prefer not to, deal with the administration of their tax affairs, our Personal Taxation Service is ideal for clients seeking assistance with managing their accounts. 

Regardless of whether you are retired, employed, a trustee of a UK trust or the executor of a UK estate, understanding and preparing your tax returns can be daunting.

Our specialist team can assist clients with a wide range of personal taxation requirements, from reviewing to preparing your accounts.

Tax Treatment

Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances and subject to change in the future.

What’s included with our Personal Taxation Service?

Our Personal Taxation Service covers everything from reviewing personal tax affairs to the preparation, completion and submission of annual tax returns and repayment forms. The main benefits that this Service offers include:

  • Preparation and submission of annual tax return or repayment claim forms
  • Compliance with HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) deadlines
  • Dealing with all correspondence, including statements of account received from HMRC 
  • Preparation of tax returns for trusts and the estates of deceased individuals 
  • Tax payments from the Killik & Co account, if required
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What is unique about our Personal Taxation Service?

We specialise in protecting family wealth and have many years of experience helping clients with personal taxation and trusts.

In addition, our specialist team have decades of experience in dealing directly with HMRC and their associated complexities.

We also have a dedicated agent’s line to liaise directly with HMRC, which means we often receive responses faster than those with personal queries.


How our Personal Taxation Service works

Following an introduction from your Adviser, our Tax and Trustee Services team will liaise directly with you to assist with your tax affairs.

We will start with a conversation to understand your requirements, asking appropriate questions to ensure we know which forms of tax you are required to pay.

Once we have gained a detailed understanding of your requirements, we will put a plan in place for preparing and submitting your tax returns and advise on any payments you need to make.

In most cases, we file tax returns on behalf of our clients electronically, which is fast, efficient and secure. Within moments of filing a return, we will have confirmation that it has been received. Filing returns electronically also helps ensure that refunds are processed as quickly as possible.

Need more than a Personal Taxation Service?

Our Wealth Planning Service helps you assess and plan your finances holistically to support you in achieving your financial ambitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Taxation Service?

A Personal Taxation Service is a service that advises on and takes care of the personal taxation requirements of an individual based in the UK, from annual tax returns to the preparation of any further paperwork. This can include the administration of family trusts and estates.

Why consider a Personal Taxation Service?

Filing tax returns late can result in penalties and even accruing interest on the amounts due. A Personal Taxation Service can be helpful for those who find the paperwork daunting, do not have the time to prepare their tax returns, or are unable to calculate the amount of tax due.

How much does our Personal Taxation Service cost?

As the nature of the work required varies among our clients, we quote a fee on application for this service that is commensurate with the work involved. Our fees start from £250 plus VAT.

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