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Our Executor Service

Our Executor Service can assist with performing executor duties in a timely manner, including estate formalities, tax matters, and asset distribution.

Designed for those who would like to appoint a professional to manage their estate and the associated responsibilities, our Executor Service is ideal for clients and families seeking personal and professional management of post-death formalities.

Whether you would like to ensure the legal recognition of your wishes for your estate or that all the related tax implications have been considered, appointing an executor can offer assurance at a difficult time for many families.

Our Trust Services team can assist with the execution of your wishes, whether this be through assuming sole or joint responsibility for the management of your estate. 

What is unique about our Executor Service?

We specialise in protecting family wealth and have many years of experience helping clients with estate management, including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and related formalities.

As with our core services, we pride ourselves on the personal service we provide to our clients and in delivering a professional and impartial service. We also recognise that these matters can lead to challenging discussions with loved ones and can advise how to best manage them.

We approach your requirements with a legal and financial lens, ensuring you receive professional management of legal matters and your wealth. We can also connect you with our Wealth Planning Service if more comprehensive financial planning support would be helpful.

This Service is provided by our Tax and Trustee services team, as we recognise that the specialist management of estates is critical to ensure clients’ wealth is sufficiently protected.

Our Trust Services are administered by our wholly owned subsidiary, Killik & Co Trustees Limited, a dedicated trust company and professional trustee.

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How our Executor Service works

Following an introduction from your Adviser, our Tax and Trustee Services team will liaise directly with you to perform their executor duties.

We will start with a conversation to understand your requirements, asking appropriate questions to ensure we know how you would like your estate managed.

Once we have gained a detailed understanding of your requirements, we will discuss your options for appointing an executor and help you put a plan in place, including preparing your Will and assisting with any associated formalities.

Should you require it, we can also assist with executing your Will, whether solely, jointly or in reserve (i.e., if no other person appointed wishes to, or is able to act on your behalf).

We will also review your tax circumstances to understand if you have any Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax liability and ensure your plan accounts for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an executor?

An executor is the person or body you select to deal with the administration of your estate. Their responsibilities include everything from managing the immediate post-death formalities of your estate to accounting to the beneficiaries in a timely manner. 

They may also be responsible for settling tax liabilities and the sale and distribution of assets, including the family home and its contents. Your executor can be a member of your family or a close friend, and while they are not allowed to charge a fee for their services, they can recoup out of pocket expenses. Alternatively, you may appoint a professional. Where this is the case, you would need to include the relevant charging clause in the Will.

Why use an executor?

Appointing a professional executor to manage your estate ensures that you receive an objective and impartial service and reduces the chance of potential conflicts of interest arising at what can be a difficult time. In addition, it shields your family from having to deal with complex and time-consuming matters.

How much does our Executor Service cost?

In accordance with the Law Society’s guidelines, we charge a fee of 0.75% based on property value and 1.5% based on the remainder of the estate. This percentage decreases on a sliding scale for higher value estates and is reflected on our rate card. We also charge a time-based fee commensurate with the work involved. Please note: appointing us as your professional executor in your Will incorporates an authority for us to charge the fees detailed here.

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