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Our Inheritance Tax Planning Service

Our Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning Service can help you understand how to leave a greater inheritance for your family.

Designed for those concerned about the implications that Inheritance Tax (IHT) may have on the value of their estate following their death, our IHT Planning Service is ideal for clients seeking to leave a greater inheritance.

We often find that people have a desire to pass on their wealth so that their loved ones can benefit from it but are unaware of the impact that IHT could have following their death.

With the standard IHT rate currently at 40%, your family could find they have to pay a large tax bill at an already difficult time.

Our specialists can advise on strategies and solutions to help reduce the tax payable so you can pass on as much of your wealth as possible.

Tax Treatment

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change in the future.

What is Inheritance Tax and how much do I need to pay?

Inheritance Tax is a tax due on the total value of the estate of a UK citizen following their death. The estate includes property, money and possessions, which makes it critical to factor in any savings or investments you have when calculating estate value.

The IHT threshold is £325,000, a figure which has remained unchanged for many years. 

While gifting can be a popular way to reduce the tax liability on the value of an estate, a tapered tax relief applies here, with gifts made under seven years before death receiving less tax relief than those made earlier.

As you can see, IHT is a complex tax matter with many considerations, and the most appropriate solution for managing it will depend on your personal circumstances and financial goals.

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What is unique about our Inheritance Tax Planning Service?

We specialise in protecting family wealth and have many years of experience helping clients with IHT and Estate Planning.

Whether you need to structure your finances for optimal tax-efficiency, are seeking to benefit from tax relief through specialist investing schemes or require guidance on gifting, we can help.

We also have a number of specialisms under one roof, so in addition to providing access to a dedicated Tax and Trustee Services team, we can advise on suitable investments to help you mitigate IHT and support you in developing a comprehensive financial plan.

How our Inheritance Tax Planning Service works

We will start with a conversation to understand your requirements, asking appropriate questions to ensure we know how you would like to manage your wealth and who you would like to benefit from it.

Once we have gained a detailed understanding of your requirements, we will provide a proposal for structuring your finances, including any investments discussed and gifts you have advised you would like to make.

Finally, when you agree with the proposal or an amended version, we will work with you to put your plan in place, advising and supporting you every step of the way.

Your Adviser will remain your main point of contact, with our Tax and Trustee Services team contacting you directly if they require further information.


Need more than Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning?

Our Wealth Planning Service helps you to review and structure your finances in a tax-efficient way to enable you to achieve your financial ambitions.

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