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What makes Killik & Co different

We remain driven by the core beliefs upon which we were founded; that the benefits of investing should be more accessible. We know that saving little and often and benefiting from the magic of compounding is the key to growth, and that the best long-term client relationships are underpinned by exceptional client service. 

Our single-minded focus is on helping our clients to save, plan and invest for themselves and their families. 


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"We know that the only real opinion that counts, is that of our clients and the people who partner with us.”

Sarah Threadgould - Partner, CMO

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Independence – investing in our Advisers and prioritising our clients

We remain an independently owned partnership, which we believe frees us from the demands of shareholders and allows us to prioritise our clients.  With no pressure to promote one solution over another, the only interests we serve are our clients.   

We value the relationships we build between our Advisers and our clients, and the longevity of these relationships.  It is one of the reasons why we place great emphasis on recruitment, internal training for Advisers, and promoting from within, so that we retain our talent and enable them to build long-term client relationships. 

We continue to offer an increasingly unique blend of services, integrating financial planning, managed investment services and digital solutions, alongside more specialised options for advised and executional investments.  We also invest heavily in our own independent investment research, as well as accessing perspectives from the largest global resources available.

We believe our success as an organisation, is inextricably linked with the success of our clients.

Innovation – to improve the choices available and make things work better

Even before the digital revolution, we have a history of innovating for retail clients. From being one of the first private client brokers to offer PEPs (the precursor to the ISA) to many new investors in the late 80s and 90s to championing equal voting rights for beneficial shareholders.

We were one of the first to invest in free educational resources, such as Killik Explains and and our How To Guides. Our goal is to level the understanding between novices and knowledgable investors, empowering conversations, critical thinking and decision making. 

More recently our innovation is focused on our network of physical locations, as a way to connect with clients and potential clients alike. 

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Houses of Killik – connecting with the communities we serve

At a time when many are moving away from a physical presence, we continue to invest and to reinvent our locations, with our newer branches rebadged as Houses of Killik.   

Located in communities that are popular with both families and individuals, our Houses offer a more open, informal and hopefully less intimidating setting, for people who want to discuss their financial goals and the potential benefits of professional advice.   

In keeping with our desire to help families improve their financial success, and expanding the reach of our educational programmes, we try to integrate within communities, supporting local businesses, schools and events which are also active in those areas.  We want to give back and to connect with people who may not otherwise think to connect with professional investment managers or financial planners, but who may nevertheless benefit from speaking with us.


Technology – to enhance human expertise, not replace it

Our aim is to invest in technology that enhances everything else we do.  We believe the role that technology plays in our sector, is to dovetail the expertise of our people, rather than to replace them.   

Our digital only investment solution aims to remove historical barriers to investing with smaller, regular amounts, without the need for investing knowledge or experience.  But everything invested is still managed by experts within our investment teams. 

And Killik Clients can increasingly use our client portal and our app to stay up to date with their portfolio at a time that suits them, to do more without physical paperwork, and to access tools and information that support them and their Adviser, whom they continue to access in the same way they always have for advice, support and management of their financial affairs as part of their financial plan or agreed investment approach.

We continue to pride ourselves on our people and to prize individual relationships above all.  Our Advisers, supported by technology, working to build long-lasting partnerships with you and your loved ones. 

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Capital at Risk

Please remember that as with all investments, your capital is at risk and you may not get back the same amount that you put in.

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Our clients' opinion matters most

Despite what we think and feel sets us apart within our industry, and despite the awards that we have won, we know that the only real opinion that counts, is that of our clients and the people who partner with us.  We are committed to listening and learning, and strive to improve in any way that we can. 

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