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Our Advised Investment Service

Our Advised Investment Service offers an advisory portfolio that allows investors to retain control over decisions, while benefiting from our collective expertise and intelligence. 

Designed for those who wish to discuss the composition of their portfolio with a partner, or interested in accessing a wide range of investment ideas, this service is ideal for clients seeking active involvement in their investments. 

As one of the few remaining investment firms to offer an Advised Service, we draw upon a rich history of building and advising on investment portfolios. 

Capital at Risk

Please do remember that as with all investments, your capital is at risk.

What’s included with our Advised Investment Service?

Our Advised Investment Service aims to provide access to the controls of our well-honed investment machine, with the support of a dedicated Adviser to guide in your decision making. 

  • Biannual reviews to help you keep on track to meet your financial goals, including portfolio screening and in-depth guidance on asset allocation and portfolio holdings. 
  • Tools to analyse and align the projected returns of your portfolio with your personal circumstances to help keep you on track to meet your goals. 
  • 24/7 access to your account via our online investment portal and regular updates from our Research Team providing you with access to the latest investment intelligence. 

What is unique about our Advised Investment Service?

This Service provides the flexibility to action your investment ideas and preferences in parallel with access to an extensively researched library of our recommendations.  

Underpinned by our investment expertise, it is designed to give our clients better control, understanding, access and visibility over their decision making. 

Better control

From analysing your investments to projecting how they are likely to perform over time, we can help you ensure your investments are suitable for your goals and risk appetite.

Greater understanding

Our advanced analysis tools allow Advisers and clients to uncover insights for where portfolios may benefit from different allocations across asset types, geographies, sectors, themes or holdings.

More access to our expertise

This Service offers access to a broad range of investment intelligence. Powered by our committee-led research, the Service also provides a gateway to other experts from across the business.

Improved visibility

We share new investment ideas and changes to existing recommendations via our client portal, daily and weekly emails, highlighting our top investment ideas and rich library of content.

How we work with you

Sharing your goals 

We start with a conversation to understand your unique financial goals, including where you want to get to, what is important along the way, and your investment preferences.

Advised Investment

How our Advised Investment Service works

Our Advised Investment Service offers access to the building blocks, application tools, and digital communication channels we use to successfully chart a long-term financial journey. 

We seek to provide the insights you need to chart your long-term financial journey through the latest research and the support of your dedicated Adviser, along with access to advanced tools and specialists to help execute your plan. 

Your Adviser will help you create the most suitable investment framework to achieve your goals, working with you to ensure you keep on track to meeting them. 


Prefer a Managed Service?

Our flagship integrated solution is ideal for clients seeking peace of mind that their wealth will be holistically and professionally managed. 

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