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Our Specialist Investment services offer a range of solutions that target specific needs outside our core investing services.

Designed for those seeking to meet financial goals outside of lifetime savings, our Specialist Investment services are ideal for clients with more focused investing objectives.

Our fully managed services provide access to the specialist teams who oversee your portfolio and the collective expertise of our broader Investment and Research teams.

Capital at Risk

Please do remember that as with all investments, your capital is at risk.


Who are our Specialist Investment Services suitable for?

Our Specialist Investment Services draw upon the expertise of our dedicated teams to help you meet specific investment goals. These services cater to clients with different requirements, such as those seeking a higher risk investment strategy, a tax-efficient investment solution or working to shorter time horizons.

What is unique about our Specialist Investment Services?

Unlike other providers who assign one investment manager to manage the entire portfolio, our services are operated by dedicated managers with decades of experience in their specialist areas, with the support of our broader Investment and Research teams - providing unparalleled access to opportunities that may not be listed publicly or available elsewhere.

With a safe pair of hands managing these specialised investments, you can rest assured your portfolio will be capitalising on opportunities for investment growth.

We also believe diversification is critical to investing success, and would generally recommend that higher-risk investment strategies make up a lower proportion of your portfolio to help manage investment risk and ensure sufficient exposure to a wide range of assets, sectors and geographies.

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