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We aim to provide simple and transparent fees so you have all the information you need before using our services. Our first priority is to deliver the best possible service for our clients, and our fees reflect the level of service we provide.

For the majority of our services, we will work to a single charge instead of charging per transaction and include VAT in our quotes. Exceptions include our Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service and execution-only services.

We work closely with our clients to identify funds for long-term investing and minimise cash holdings to mitigate inflation risk. As we hold client cash in the form of instant access accounts, which pay lower interest rates than more restrictive regular savings accounts or term deposit accounts, we pay fixed interest rates on balances held in cash.

Charges for Silo

We charge two separate fees for our investing app, Silo:

Killik & Co’s fees – This covers the cost of powering Silo and is 0.75% of your total portfolio per annum. Fees are collected automatically on a monthly basis. 
Fund Manager fee – This is the fund manager cost and is estimated to be between 0.20% and 0.50%. This is automatically calculated and deducted by the fund manager. 

Charges for our Advised Service

The following rate card details the charges for our Advised Service.

Advised Investment Service​

Charges for our Managed Services

The following rate cards detail the charges for our Managed Services. Please note: for our Portfolio Management Service, we charge extra for external Fund Managers, but we do not charge FX charges.

Managed Investment Service

Portfolio Management Service

Charges for our Wealth Planning Service

The following rate card details the charges for our Wealth Planning Service.

Wealth Planning Service

Charges for our integrated solutions

The following rate cards detail the charges for our integrated solutions.

Killik Managed

Killik Complete

Charges for our Specialist Investment Services

The following rate cards detail the charges for our Specialist Investment Services.

Gilt Saver Service

Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service

Special Situations Service

Charges for our Self-Invested Personal Pension service

The following rate card details the charges for our Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) service.

SIPP rate card

Charges for our Stockbroking Service

The following rate card details the charges for our Stockbroking Service.

Stockbroking Service

Charges for our Tax and Trustee Services

The following tables detail the charges for our Tax and Trustee Services.

Will Writing Service

Single Will: £320

Two Mirror Wills: £380

Lasting Power of Attorney Service

Preparation of one LPA: £125

Preparation of two LPAs: £175

Registration of one LPA: £100

Registration of two LPAs: £125

Executor Service

0.75% fee based on value of property

1.5% fee based on remainder of estate (a time-based fee commensurate with the work involved)

Personal Taxation Service
As the nature of the work required varies among our clients, we quote a fee on application for this service that is commensurate with the work involved. Our fees start from £250 plus VAT.
Trust Services

Annual trust administration fee: 0.25% (subject to a minimum of £200)

Withdrawal fee: 3%

Charge on all funds deposited: 1.5%


Preparation of trust deed: £250

Charity commission: £250

Preparation of accounts: £200

Charge for each cheque issued: £25

Incidental charges

Our incidental charges include minor costs that we charge for transactions.

Payments out

BACS – No Charge
Faster payment – £15

CHAPS – £25
Cheque – £10

Transfers out (in all cases cash is viewed as a single security. Stamp duty may also be applicable) £25 per security
Legal Entity Identifier Fee £70, plus VAT
Certificated Trades


Unauthorised Debit Balances

Interest charge at 9% over Barclays Bank Base Rate, or 20%, whichever is higher

Online reports


Online reports are made available through our client portal, and through our App, which is available for download in the Apple or Android stores. Please speak to your Adviser if you require any help.


Reports available online currently include: Contract Notes, Statements, Tax Vouchers, Capital Gains Tax reports and Pension illustrations.