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We have been campaigning for many years for the rights of shareholders. Alongside others, Killik & Co was successful in getting an amendment to the Company Law Reform Bill so that beneficial shareholders now have broadly the same rights as legal shareholders.

What is it?

Killik & Co since the early 1990s has campaigned to give beneficial shareholders (those whose shares are held in the name of a Nominee company) the same rights as legal shareholders (those whose name appears on the register of the company).
Previously beneficial shareholders had no status in law, which meant that they had no rights to receive the Accounts of a company in which they were invested nor any rights to vote those shares.
Alongside others, Killik & Co has been successful in getting an amendment in the last Company Law Reform Bill, which was duly passed in November 2007. Beneficial shareholders are now broadly given the same rights as legal shareholders.
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How it works

Killik & Co is one of the first UK companies to launch a service that facilitates this. It is administered by Broadridge, which is a leading global provider in this field. This service is free of charge to our clients and will enable them to benefit from those enhanced rights to which they are now legally entitled.
Our Managed and Advised clients are now able to “opt in” to receive shareholder materials (company reports, shareholders communications, etc) electronically or by post directly from the company in which they hold shares.
Our Advised clients also have the option to vote (online only) for the UK shares they own. Shareholders that have opted for the voting service will receive an email advising them of the forthcoming vote, with a link to the voting website. Clients will therefore require an email address to benefit from this service.


Voting on behalf of our Managed clients will be carried out by Killik & Co, as part of our service. In the early days of this new process it is quite feasible that clients requesting a hard copy set of documents may also receive a voting card. These should be ignored as this service can only be voted electronically.
These are important new rights that have been hard won. The Killik & Co Shareowner Services require a simple, one time sign up process by registering here. Thereafter, no further action is required from you before you start to benefit from this service.
We would like to encourage all our clients to participate. If you wish your Investment Manager to register your account(s) upon your behalf, please call them. Advised clients will have to provide their Investment Manager with a memorable PIN in order that voting can be enabled.

Capital at risk.

As is the nature of investing your capital is at risk.